what if your child could easily receive real art training right in your own home?

 Project Artwork Club for Kids, or P.A.C.K., lessons are taught by a certified, veteran art teacher. Foundational art concepts, specific techiniques, art vocabulary, and training in composition are built into every single project in the Club!


what if art could weave beautifully with the other subjects your kids are already learning?

P.A.C.K. groups the online video lessons into different series of projects that center around an attention-grabbing theme. Each series integrates wonderfully with the other subjects such as science, math, history, art appreciation, geography, and more!


what if your home could cultivate the next great artist?

PA.C.K. is fun!! When kids are engaged and enjoying their creative experience, they’re going to get better and better because they are doing it continually! Kids easily follow along with the step-by-step videos and love the opportunity to earn a special patch for each project they complete!

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Hi , I’m Marcy, and I’m so excited to invite you and your kids to join me in my brand new Project Artwork Club for Kids!

I created P.A.C.K. to be a convenient and affordable way to fill your home with rich, engaging art-making experiences for your whole family!

Project Artwork Club for Kids allows families to become “Project Artists” and access beautiful art-instruction videos and a host of other benefits for one low monthly price.

Project Artists, ages 5 and up, enjoy an existing library of content, and a steady stream of new art series released throughout the year!

Project Artists enjoy these benefits included in their Project Artwork Club for Kids monthly membership:

  •  24/7 access to ALL the Project Artwork Series and every single video art tutorial!

  • Access to every new series as soon as it releases! New series are created and released regularly throughout the calendar year!

  • Printable supply lists and drawing prompts for each lesson series.

  • Thought-provoking discussion prompts for each lesson.

  • Collectible patches, earned for each completed project.

  • The opportunity to share finished artwork: kids can post pictures of completed projects within the lesson and artwork from selected Project Artists will be chosen to appear in our online gallery!

  • Hours of art-making fun!

The savings are HUGE!

For $20 a month your WHOLE family can access the same instruction and content that typically costs $600-$800, per child, for once-a week group classes!

Your instructor, Marcy, makes everything easy for you with printable supply lists and step by step videos for each part of the process! It’s almost like having the art teacher make a house call!

Join the Project Artwork Club for Kids (P.A.C.K.) and become a Project Artist!

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 Want to get a taste of Marcy’s teaching style and see if Project Artwork lessons are a good fit for your children?

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