Are you ready for some colder weather? This Arctic Wonders unit allows you to explore the northernmost part of our planet, while making some of the most BEAUTIFUL, wintery art!

This course includes 4 full-length lessons, plus 2 bonus lessons!

This is a full-length art course for your kids that will last 8-10 weeks if you are doing art once a week. (Shorter if they work more often.)

ALL your kiddos can do the online lessons for one low price! Lessons are taught by a series of step-by-step videos. Veteran art educator, Marcy Beaupied, will be your kids’ virtual art teacher!

Projects Include:

  1. Northern Lights Landscape with Polar Bear

  2. Icebreaker Collage

  3. Tip of the Iceberg Watercolor Resist

  4. Inuit Animals Painting

plus 2 free bonus lessons:

  • Gadget-printed Snowflake

  • Scrimshaw Tusk


Sometimes it is inspiring to look at images from faraway places and cultures. In Arctic Wonders, we have the opportunity to examine the landscape, animals, and people of the Arctic Circle, a place so remote we might never set foot there in our lifetime! From the art of the Inuit people, to the northern lights in the sky, this is a unit that offers the perfect springboard for learning some great art concepts and techniques.

Art Skills and Techniques:

  • using soft pastels

  • drawing

  • cutting/pasting

  • collage

  • printmaking

  • watercolor resist

  • “carving” (engraving)

  • tracing

  • creating a template

  • planning a composition

  • splatter painting

Art Concepts:

  • landscape: foreground/background, horizon line

  • radial symmetry and bilateral symmetry

  • line weight: thick/thin lines

  • line direction/ angled lines

  • angled lines/ geometric shapes

  • cubism

  • the use of contrast and repetition

  • planning a composition

  • making a template

  • stylized versus realism

  • negative space

  • things in front/ things behind


Learning by Doing

It makes things stick! Hands-on activities, like the projects included in this course, are the perfect way to learn not only art, but also all of the subjects that integrate so beautifully with this Arctic Wonders art course for kids!



While making the projects in this course, kids will learn the science behind what causes the aurora borealis, the different types of icebergs, weather patterns in the arctic, polar bear facts, categorizing land and sea creatures of the arctic, fractions,symmetry, and parts of a circle. (circumference, diameter, radius)



Young Project Artists will explore the art of the Inuit people, and learn about the famous Inuit artist Kenojuak Ashevak.

The different projects in this course allow students to learn about the macro-photography of snowflakes by Snowflake Bentley, the technique of scrimshaw used by ancient whalers, and the concepts of cubism, as seen in the art of Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso.

Arctic Wonders Includes:


One price for the whole family!

Over 35 video clips, 10-12 hours of art-making fun! ( Same amount of material as included in a full two-month session of live Project Artwork classes: a $225 value!)

2 FREE Bonus Projects (the equivalent of 4 live classes- a $100 value!)

PDF Supply List so you can gather your materials ahead of time

Printable “Scope and Sequence” for you to include in your homeschool portfolio

Discussion Prompts so students can interact with course content and even upload pictures of their completed projects!

Flexibility! Do the projects in any order you choose,according to your schedule and preference.

Sharing! Upload pictures of finished work so others can see your art!

Printable Drawing Prompts

Full Support-pose questions or post comments below each lesson.

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* A printable PDF supply list is included with the videos, PLUS I always show Project Artists exactly what supplies are needed in the first video of every project.

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