Perhaps the most  outside-the-box course I've ever created!  The Blobs! unit is great for beginners! And it has a TON of science integrations!

This course includes 4 full-length lessons, plus 2 bonus lessons.

This is a full-length art course for your kids that will last 8-10 weeks, if you are doing art once a week. (Shorter if they work more often.)

Projects Include:

  1. Amoeba Collage

  2. Lava Lamp watercolor resist

  3. Pastel Space Nebula

  4. Must See Manatee

Plus 2 FREE Bonus Lessons:

  • Blobfish in Disguise

  • Foldprints


In art, when we create a PICTURE of something, that process, at its most basic level, INVOLVES putting shapes on the page. Some things are shapes we recognize like a bike wheel or a MOUNTAIN peak.  But other things are shapes we don't have names for; things like marshmallow fluff or a pile of laundry. So welcome to Blobs! where we  explore the world of these Blobby, organic shapes!

Each project in this unit takes its inspiration from some sort of "blob."  Project Artists will receive step-by-step video instruction in a variety of mediums.

The 4 full-length projects generally take multiple sessions to complete, while the bonus projects can usually be completed in one sitting.

     Art Concepts:

  • organic shapes

  • center of interest/focal point

  • negative space

  • organic vs geometric shapes

  • planning a composition

  • complementary colors

  • repetition and contrast

  • symmetry

Art Skills and Techniques:

  • drawing

  • using and blending soft pastels

  • cutting and pasting

  • oil pastel

  • creating value with watercolor

  • paper folding

  • making monoprints

  • colored pencil and marker illustration techniques


 Blobs! Includes:

33 video clips--8-10 hours of art-making fun! ( a $225 value!)

PDF supply list so you can gather your materials ahead of time

Printable "Scope and Sequence"  for you to include in your homeschool portfolio

Discussion prompts so students can interact with the course material and even upload a picture of their completed project!

Full email support

Price for Blobs: $89.00


The Blobs! Course also teaches kids about two famous artists: Henri Matisse and Piet Mondrian.


Science Integrations!

While making the projects within the Blobs! course, Project Artists will also learn about types of space nebulae, the science behind how a lava lamp works (including the concepts of density and viscosity), parts of an amoeba, the special design of the blobfish, and some fun manatee facts!

* Instant Access!  Once you register for this course you will have instant access to all the video lessons for every project!

*Content is evergreen! Once purchased you will have forever access to every lesson within the course!

* A printable PDF supply list is included with the videos, PLUS I always show Project Artists exactly what supplies are needed in the first video of every project.