10 Benefits of Online Learning


Time for a paradigm shift when it comes to the way your kids learn art!!!

I've been an art instructor for over 14 years and I'm really, really excited about the opportunities that online education can bring to my students.

Seriously, ya’ll. I’m seeing SO many ways that learning art online can be a vastly superior experience for young artists.

In fact, I’m so committed to this, I’ve spent the better part of the last two years developing some really great, in-depth art courses that your kids can do right in your own home!

Video-based, totally online, pull it up on the computer, and your kids are good to go!

Mixed age-group of young artists doing the Arctic Wonders online art course for kids by Project Artwork at Home.

Mixed age-group of young artists doing the Arctic Wonders online art course for kids by Project Artwork at Home.

Here’s what I think are the main advantages to learning art online versus traditional lessons or classes:

  1. Front- Row Seat. Your kiddos can hear and see everything, not from across a crowded room, but up close and personal the entire time they are working. They can see exactly what my hands are doing and watch my demonstrations as many times as they need.

  2. You Control the Schedule. You do not have to arrange your entire day around getting one or more children to something outside the home on a certain day, at a certain time. YOU decide when you want art-time to be!

  3. Location, Location, Location. You do not have to drive anywhere. That’s such a monumental statement, I feel it bears repeating: Moms! You do not have to drive anywhere!!!

    Your kids can do art right at home, in whatever setting is most comfortable to them. Having the lessons available on the computer means you and your kids can set the stage and create the atmosphere for creativity that works best for them! Working in a comfortable environment will help your budding artist focus better.

  4. Pacing. Your young artists can work at their own pace. They can move quickly through things they readily comprehend, work ahead if they want to, or replay parts of a lesson they might need extra practice with.

  5. Review and Repeat. All the lessons feature content that is “evergreen,” meaning you have access to it forever. This is great, because your kids can revisit lessons and projects that they liked, potentially making the same project again and again with new creative twists on it every time. Repetition is THE KEY for building the neural connections in their brains that will help their skills improve—just like soccer drills or piano scales!

  6. Accessibility. When the art lessons are available right on the computer—when you don’t have to schedule a lesson, or drive and pick up from a class--it becomes EASY to do art whenever your kids feel like it. Making good art instruction so easy for your kids to access, means they are going to be making art and being creative a lot more. And, the more they do it, the better they’ll get!

  7. No Picasso-gene Required. This benefit is specifically for you, the parent. I get so many parents who say to me, “My child really loves making art, but I don’t have an artistic bone in my body. I don’t know how to help them.” Offering your kids online art training is just like having ME, the art teacher, come into your home and walk your kids through their projects step by step. You don’t have to worry anymore that you’re not artistic yourself!

  8. Alternative to Mindless Screen-time. I think as moms, we are all concerned that our kids are spending too much time looking at tiny screens! While online courses are happening on the computer, the emphasis is really on what your kids are making with their hands. The computer is really just a window for me to come alongside and help your kids get actively engaged in MAKING SOMETHING! I find this to be a much more constructive use of time than watching silly kitten videos on You Tube--lol!

  9. Independence. This benefit is a two-fer! One for you, and one for your kiddos! Once your young artists become familiar with how the online courses work, they are able to work through the projects on their own. This helps them become self-motivated learners. And once they get to this level of independence with the art courses, that means you, the parent, can use the time they are actively engaged in art-making to get something else done or catch a quick break. Unless, of course, you want to do the art courses too!!

  10. Price. Hands down, online courses are a LOT cheaper than live classes and WAAAAY cheaper than private lessons. And you’re not spending gas money driving across town. Plus, with my courses you pay one price per household, instead of per child. For a family with multiple kids that is a HUGE savings.


With all these advantages and benefits, I hope you’ll consider trying an online art course for your kids.

If you are a homeschooler, my online courses are a complete art curriculum that can provide up to two and a half months of art for you! I typically release new courses quarterly and there are some great themes to choose from that have SO many great cross-currciular integrations with the things your kids are already learning in other subjects!

you can check out my available online art courses for kids here.

If the thought of doing art at home seems a little overwhelming, I’m here to tell you it’s a lot easier than you think!

Check out my Parent Resources page for a quick action-plan to get set-up. You’ll be so glad you took the time to cultivate your children’s creativity!

Artfully Yours,