Famous Artist Mash-Ups...

...is a great unit if you want to learn a little bit of art history!

And if you like your young artists to have FLEXIBILITY  OF CHOICE within a given project, this is definitely a unit you'll want to try!!

This series contains 4 full-length lessons, plus a bonus lesson!

Projects Include:

  1. Dürer- Seurat Bunny

  2. Cezanne- Picasso Fractured Apples Painting

  3. Mondrian- Matisse Abstract Design

  4. Van Gogh- O'Keefe Mixed Media Sunflower

PLUS a FREE Bonus Lesson:

  • Chagall Meets Jackson Pollock


A MASH-UP is defined as... "something created by combining elements from two or more sources, such as a piece of music created by digitally overlaying an instrumental track with a vocal track from a different recording."

In Famous Artist Mash-ups, we examine the distinct styles of two different artists and combine elements of each into one amazing artwork!

So for every project in this unit, you'll be learning about two different artists, their unique styles of art-making, and the historical art period that shaped them!

Every project in this unit includes step by step video instructions to guide Project Artists  along, plus a separate video discussing important facts about the two artists.

Art Skills and Techniques:

  • pointillism

  • drawing from observation

  • painting with

  • "painting" with markers

  • soft pastel

  • outlining

  • action/drip painting

  • sponge painting

  • paper tearing

Art Concepts:

  • point of view (close-up and multiple viewpoints as in Cubism)

  • using dots to create value

  • organic shapes versus geometric shapes

  • realism versus impressionism

  • contrast

  • pulling color through a composition

  • radial symmetry

  • cubism


Famous Artist Mash-Ups Includes:

 Over 30 video clips--8-10 hours of art-making fun! ( a $225 value!)

PDF supply list so you can gather your materials ahead of time

Printable "Scope and Sequence"  for you to include in your homeschool portfolio

Discussion prompts so students can interact with the course material and even upload a picture of their completed project!

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Famous Artist Mash-Ups introduces young Project Artists to 10 Famous Artists and gives them the opportunity to experiment with a variety of styles!



Besides the great history integrations, Project Artists also get to learn a bit of science as we discuss parts of a flower and pollinators in the Van Gogh, O'Keefee Mash-Up.



The projects in this unit offer great flexibility for creativity! For example:

  • Dürer- Seurat Bunny-- students can make their bunny any color they choose and will create their own unique setting for it.

  • Cezanne- Picasso Apples- students are building their own composition; how many plates, apples, apple slices and pieces and where these are drawn all over the page, plus the colors they choose...all entirely up to them!

  • Mondrian- Matisse Abstract-- I offer several options for the black lines...everything from printing to cutting and pasting. And the Matisse shapes will be completely designed and painted the way they want.

And the Chagall- Pollock Mash- Up completely revolves around Project Artists drawing a variety of items that are uniquely significant to them and coloring them however they wish.


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You must work the painting with the thought that something of your soul penetrates it and gives it substance. A picture should be born and bloom like a living thing. It should seize some soft and unsuitable something, the allure and profound meaning of whatever interests you.”
Marc Chagall