Signed up to be a Project Artist and still aren't sure where to start?

Anything we do for the first time can be intimidating.   I'm super proud of you for jumping in and giving it a try and I want to help you achieve your goal of providing your kids  quality art training at home! You are just steps away from watching your kids’ creativity ignite!


I've put together some tips here to help make your first few home art sessions run smoothly.

Okay, here we go...

First-time User Tips

1. Give yourself a good hour for the first session.  Everything new takes longer.  Don't try to squeeze in your first-ever art session right before an appointment or while you’re trying to cook dinner!

2. Think about the space where you want to create. This can be the kitchen table or a designated art-space in your home. It’s a good idea to put down some paper or an old tablecloth to protect your furniture.

3. For the first few classes, plan on staying with your young artists the ENTIRE time.

In the beginning, young artists may need help with:

  • getting their supplies situated

  • playing, pausing, or replaying parts of videos

You will want to spend time showing them where and how they can retrieve their supplies.  And you'll want to show them how to clean-up and put everything away according to your standards.  Spending the first few sessions doing this will help them be able to do it independently later.

4. Start with a bonus lesson in the unit.  

This is just a suggestion--you can start with whichever project within the series your kids are most excited about.  However, the bonus projects tend to be shorter, easier,  and a little less involved. 

5. You and your kids will need to figure out what WORKING STYLE is a good fit for them.

  • some kids like to work along with me, pausing the video often.

  • some kids like to watch a whole video clip first and then replay the clip, following along with me.

  • some kids like to watch the whole clip, stop the video, and do that whole step on their own.

Being there during their first few sessions will allow you to figure out what works best for them.

6.  Don't be TOO hands-on.  (In other words don't do the project for them-lol!) You're there to ASSIST, not FIX.  You are there to help with the EXPERIENCE they are having making their project,  not the end result.  Don't expect their project to look like mine or their sibling's. Let them make the project their own, and encourage them for trying.  If you still want to be hands-on, try making your own version of the project right alongside your kids! Art time can be great family time!


After close supervision on the first couple of projects, you will be able to choose your level of involvement. (Anything from continued direct supervision to total independence.)


You will also get a feel for how long your child or group tends to stay focused on their work, so you can schedule your future art sessions accordingly. (Anywhere from a half-hour for younger 5's, to an hour or more for 7's and up depending on the child.)

If you have questions or comments about the lessons, or need any further help, please get in touch. I'm happy to help you get your Project Artists creating at home!

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