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1.) For what ages are your courses best suited?

      My online courses are an ideal fit for ages 6 and up ( including adults!) however, advanced 5 year olds who are ready to move beyond    process art have done well with my classes also.

2.) Can different ages do your classes at the same time?

     Yes!  I've taught small, mixed age groups for over 10 years so all my classes have that in mind.  My video lessons work for individual study, sibling groups, homeschool co-ops, etc. The concepts are the same across all age levels, but the level of skill or detail a child uses will vary according to their stage of development. 

     If you have a mixed group that has ages 6 and up mixed with some 2-5 year olds, I recommend setting up a separate art station for those preschoolers.  Give them the same supplies as the older kids. This can be a separate corner in the same room or even at the same table with the bigger kids along as they aren't interfering with what the older students are learning.  The main thing with the littlest artists is allowing them the opportunity to experiment with the supplies while the older kids are working on specific techniques. Do not try to force them to follow along with the lessons unless they want to! 

3.)  What is included in the Project Artwork Club membership?

Your membership grants access to your entire family to every lesson and project in ALL my art units. Once you receive your link, you can access every video tutorial in the existing units. PLUS, as a Project Artist, you have immediate access to new lessons and projects as soon as I release them! Every unit or lesson series in my library is FULL of added bonuses such as: drawing prompts, picture guides, supply lists, discussion prompts, printable scope and sequence sheets that show which techniques, concepts and subject, integrations are being covered, and fun bonus projects!

4.) Will I need a lot of supplies to get started?

     I provide supply lists with each of my art lesson series/units. 90% of my lessons can be completed with the supplies I suggest on my NEED to Have Art Supply Checklist.  Many of these items, once purchased, will last you for a number of years if taken care of. Think of it as creating a "pantry" for your art supplies-- a well stocked pantry will allow you to create a wide range of recipes. I explain which supplies are needed for specific projects during the first video of every project. 

5.) Can you explain the breakdown of your classes?  Are they individual lessons or groups of lessons?

       When you visit the Online Classes page you will see different art lesson series, or UNITS.  If you click on a UNIT you're interested in, a page will open that will explain what series of PROJECT LESSONS are included in that UNIT.  Each PROJECT LESSON is broken down into a collection of short, step-by-step videos that walk your young artists through the process.

6.) How long are the videos? 

     Each video lesson within a project can vary from 2 or 3 minutes to 8 or 9 minutes.  They usually average around 6 minutes. There are usually 4-6 videos for each project.

7.) How long does it take to complete a project?

    This varies greatly depending on the age and skill level of your child.  Older kids tend to spend longer on a project, while younger ones tend to work a bit faster and have a shorter attention span. It also depends on the child!  Some of my students work slowly and methodically at everything, while others go NASCAR speed with everything they do!

    Each PROJECT LESSON usually consists of  4-6 videos.   What I like to tell homeschool parents is to set aside 45 minutes to an hour for art sessions as a starting point, and then go from there once you get a feel for how your child works.

8.) Do I need any special equipment to do the online courses?

     Besides your art supplies, you will need access to a computer or tablet device. Because we frequently use water for painting, I always recommend keeping your computer off to the side or elevated on a stack of books or computer stand.

9.) How much time can we expect to spend on a full unit of projects?

     UNITS usually include 4 projects and sometimes include 1 or 2 special bonus projects.  I try to maintain a nice mix of a couple of shorter projects with a couple that are a bit more challenging or time-consuming.   It really depends on how frequently you are scheduling art sessions at home.  If you do art once a week, it would probably take you 8-10 weeks to get through all of the content--that's if you did all of the lessons.  (A lot of kids like to pick and choose which projects they want to do.)  If you did art twice a week, you could cut that time in half. Obviously, if you were doing art every day, you would work through the material at a much faster rate. That's the beauty of homeschool though, you can always tailor things according to the way your child works best!

10.) Does the course material expire?

    Nope! As long as you maintain your monthly membership you will always have access to it.  Your kids can go back and do their favorite projects over and over if they so desire! ( In fact, I highly recommend this. Repetition leads to mastery!)

11.)  Do I need to be artistic myself in order for my kids to have success with this?

     Good news! No fine arts degree required! And you don't have to be Vincent Van Gogh either! While it can be helpful to have some degree of artistic ability, it is not necessary since the beauty of the video lessons is having the "art teacher" (that's me!) right there in your home!  All you need to be able to do is help your kids get set up and facilitate them following along until they are able to do so independently. And PS- a lot of parents enjoy doing the art lessons right alongside their kiddos!

12.) I don't homeschool, but my child loves art.  Will your online courses work for us?

     Absolutely!  Even kids in the traditional school setting can do my classes. Think after-school time!  Think summer boredom-buster!  My classes are a great alternative to mindless screen time at home! My classes are also a great purchase for classroom teachers who need a quick sub plan--one unit could get you through a year of sick days!