My goal is to provide your young artists with quality art training right in your own home.

I'm committed to helping my homeschool parents make this a success! 

With the online video lessons I provide in the

project artwork club for Kids you can:

  • feel confident your kiddos are receiving the instruction they need to get better and better as an artist.

  • rest easy knowing the specific skills and techniques they need to learn are being covered in an age-appropriate manner.

  • feel good about providing your talented budding artists with the opportunity to sit under a teacher who is experienced and enthusiastic.

  • be blessed beyond measure as you watch your children happily making art, expressing their unique God-given creativity!

By leaving the curriculum and instruction up to me, you will give yourself the gifts of:

  • an intentional plan for art for the school year--one less thing to worry about.

  • security, knowing your kids are getting what they need at the pace that's best for them.

  • savings--a monthly membership to my online lessons is a FRACTION of the cost of expensive lessons or group classes.

  • TIME!--you don't have to drive anywhere and can do something you want or need to do while your artists are working with me!

So what's the parents' role in all this?

I'm glad you asked:)

With the instruction and curriculum taken care of, your role is one of a facilitator.  

Here's your action plan:

1. Get a "space to create" set up in your home.

My Step by Step Create at Home Guide will give you a great overview.

My Creating a Home Art Studio for Your Kids article walks you through the 3 big ideas. You'll only have to do this once and then you're off and running!

Make sure your kids will have access to a computer or tablet device with an Internet connection for their lessons with me.


2. Gather Supplies

My Need to Have Art Supply Checklist will help you create a stockpile of 90% of what you need. Check what you already have and purchase anything you need.

Based on the storage options you provided for your art space, your young artists will have access to these supplies for art time. Spend time with them on the front end showing them how to take out and put their supplies away so you don't have to do it every time.

The first video of each project within my units will show your kids exactly which supplies to grab for that session. Plus I always include a printable supply list as well.


3.  join the Club and Choose your level of involvement:

  • Help your child get set up for each art session and stay close by to assist (recommended for first-timers!)

  • Sit and do a lesson with your children (adults love my lessons too and art can be fun family-time!)

  • Let your older children work independently while you assist a younger child or work with them on a separate subject

  • Relax and grab a cup of coffee or tea, and let your kids do it all on their own!


Already Picked a Unit and still not sure where to start?

Check out my First-Time User Tips.


Not quite sure how to manage the messes?

Download my 10 Quick and Easy Clean-up Tips.


If you want to hear more about the benefits of online art courses, check out this article:

10 Benefits of Online Learning


If you have questions or comments or just want to say hello, please get in touch. I'm happy to help you get your Project Artists creating!

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