Parent Tst 6

“My two older kids have blossomed with this program! In a regular class setting they were self-conscious and worried about the other students seeing their work. They are eager to jump into the lessons at home, and I feel like this is helping them gain confidence.” ~Ashley

Parent Tst 5

“Garrett has loved taking your classes, not only because of the class content, (which he has thoroughly enjoyed) but because of you and how sweet and encouraging you are. We appreciate your very positive impact during his elementary years and hope to keep in touch in the future.” ~ Caroline

Parent Tst 4

“The units are so much fun! The focus is really on the art-making, and I love that our daughter is learning techniques with lots of different styles! So far we’ve done painting and pastels—I do the lessons right alongside her! We can’t wait to try some more!” ~Abigail

Parent Tst 2

“I used to take my kids to art lessons at the museum, but it was expensive and hard to make every class. If we missed one because one of my kids was sick, I felt like they fell way behind. With the online lessons we can work on our art whenever we feel like it and never miss anything.” ~Shannon