P.A.C.K. FAQ’s:

 What ages can do the Project Artwork Club for Kids?

Project Artwork lessons are best suited for kids who have moved beyond the process art stage and are ready for instruction. There’s no hard and fast age for this transition, but it generally occurs around 5 or 6 ( kindergarten). I don’t set an upper limit on my lessons because teens and adults enjoy doing my lessons too!

DO I have to purchase a separate P.A.C.K. membership for each of my children?

Nope! Your $20 monthly membership fee covers all the kids in your family or homeschool co-op:)

Can we cancel our membership?

Yes. While I hope to exceed your highest expectations, I know things happen and plans change. If you need to cancel your membership, email me at marcy@projectartworkathome and I will cancel your upcoming automated payments.

Do we have to pay for a full year subscription?

No. Payments are month to month.

How does the membership work—is there a login?

No login required. When you sign up and pay for your first month of the CLUB I will email you a private invitation with links to all my existing art lesson series within 24 hrs. When you use a link for an art series you will fill out a registration form (registration is free—it’s just a way for me to keep up with who is doing each series) You will then be able to access all the lessons within that series.

DO NOT LOSE the links as they will be the main way you access the lessons!

Whenever I launch a new series during the year, I will automatically invite you to it too!

How will I know what supplies we need?

Every Series comes with a complete supply list. And for every project, the first video tutorial shows your kids exactly what they’ll need.I also have a Need To Have Art Supply Checklist which lists all the basics, so you can assess what you already have and what you might need to purchase. Keep in mind, many supplies, once purchased will last a very long time if properly cared for.

How much will i have to help my children?

You can choose your level of involvement!

  • Help your child get set up for each art session and stay close by to assist. (Recommended for first-timers:)

  • Sit and do the lesson with your children. (Adults love my lessons too, and art can be fun family time!)

  • Let your older children work independently while you assist a younger child or work with them on a separate subject

  • Relax and grab a cup of coffee or tea and let your kids do it all on their own!

Do we have to do the projects in any particular order? CAn we skip around between Series?

You can do the projects in any order you like:)

What mediums will my children receive training in?

Everything! A typical series covers multiple mediums such as: watercolors, acrylic paint, drawing, collage, printmaking, oil pastel, soft pastel,mixed media, illustration, colored pencil, found materials, and sometimes clay!

What are the patches you mention?

The “patches” are collectible, patch-illustration printables. They are hand-designed artworks customized to each project. Think Scout merit badges:) Your kids can earn one for each project they complete. Some people like to laminate them, cut them out, and put them on a key ring. I’ve seen others cut and paste them into a P.A.C.K.-patches journal. Each patch commemorates what the Project Artist has learned on a particular project!

Why not just offer my kids a bunch of free youtube tutorials?

Great question. First of all, as a parent myself, I hate the unpredictability of all the sidebar content on Youtube. I never know when something inappropriate is going to pop up, enticing my child to click on it. Secondly, youtube tutorials have two BIG downfalls in my mind. One, they are a hodge-podge collection, so I never feel like my kids are getting systematic training. And two, many of the youtube tutorials are just really LONG. I find it is hard to expect kids to sit through a 15 minute or longer tutorial. I break my Project Artwork lessons into shorter video clips—1 for each step of the process. Parsing out the lesson in a bite-sized manner is MUCH easier for kids to navigate, and a much better way for them to learn!

Ready to get started? Join Project Artwork Club for Kids today and become Project Artists!