Project Artwork is about kids learning real art concepts!

Techniques, vocabulary, and concepts are interwoven through ALL my lessons and are learned as the students encounter them in a particular project. No need for separate tutorials on how to use a certain supply.  It's always built right in to every video.

Project Artists use DOING to learn, which is the BEST way to learn anything! 



When my student, Kaylee, is creating a tiger painting, she is learning about shape, color, pattern, and creating a sense of space and balance in her composition.  She is also learning how to hold and use her paintbrush, how to mix colors, and create different paint strokes. 



When I am putting together a series of lessons and considering various projects, I do not include a project if it isn't rich with opportunities for kids to learn foundational skills.



We work hard on drawing, understanding size relationships, and using the basic elements of art.  We learn basic rules of composition, too. All of these things are purposefully explained and demonstrated in the videos-- but it is all done in a "stealth-health" manner, snuck in under the umbrella of a really fun, engaging project!

The projects lead the way and the skills are sprinkled along the path!

Project Artwork Club for Kids is not just arts and crafts, and it is not just open-ended "process" art. By the time children reach age 6 or 7 they are ready for gentle instruction.  

My projects provide a framework for instruction, while still being flexible, and open-ended enough to not stifle your child's creativity!  No cookie- cutter projects here!  I always encourage your student to make their own artistic choices during the various stages of each project!

Their hands-on experiences with a variety of mediums and projects help them intuitively understand the creative process.  With every new project they are building upon the skills they have gained in the previous project.


To supplement your homeschooling portfolios, I always include a scope and sequence for each unit which includes all skills, concepts, and  techniques covered as well as cross-curricular integrations.




Project Artists grow into talented artists because they are consistently implementing foundational art skills. The skills never get tiresome because they are always being applied to new, fun projects.  Project Artists get better and better because they are engaged and keep practicing and honing their art!

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